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Type of Service: Courses

This 8-hour program is an interactive learning experience for parents and caregivers who want to learn how to build a stronger relationship with their child(ren) and how to have more fun with their preschooler.
Changing Ways is a voluntary 10-week program for men of ages 18 and older that involves understanding and developing self-awareness to help prevent oneself from behaving in hurtful and embarrassing ways.
This program is for adult men and women and will help the participants identify the style of communication they use and understand why they use different styles with different people and in different situations.
In this interactive 12-hour program you will learn these skills: communicating effectively, responsibility and discipline, encouraging self-esteem, redirecting misbehaviour, sidestepping power struggles, and conflict resolution.
This program is for men and women who consider themselves either not assertive enough and who want to learn to improve the quality of their communication and in turn their relationships.
When this workshop is done, you will feel great about yourself and you will have a plan to continue to enhance your sense of self-worth for the rest of your life journey.
This is a support/educational program to better understand grief, reconcile ourselves to a loss, learn to nurture ourselves in difficult times, and journey to recovering faith, love and hope.
In this 3-hour workshop you will understand the difference between what's important and what's urgent and how to schedule your priorities rather than prioritizing your schedule.
Topics covered in this course include: emotional baggage, dealing with difference, establishing limits, avoiding loyalty conflicts, discipline, and power struggles.
Content of this program will include strategies to identify resources, personally and professionally, to help you cope effectively and continue the important work you do.
The course provides cognitive-behavioural tools to help participants better understand and feel more in control of their eating.
The goal of this group is to change your relationship with panic and anxiety so you can live the life you want with ease and freedom.