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Although for most people accessing counselling is no longer taboo, many still have misconceptions about what counselling is and what it is not.
Mindfulness practice requires no special gear, no postures or chants, and no “membership.” It is accessible and affordable to everyone!
Most people know the importance of regular physical exercise for good health but some may not know that psychological fitness is just as important for optimum well-being.
Many well-intentioned parents use outdated parenting skills and tools that simply do not work consistently and they, and the children they are raising, experience frustration, anxiety, and a high level of stress.
Boundaries are not thick walls that we build around ourselves to insulate us from others and the world but rather limits that we set so that we can get close to others without losing ourselves, being smothered, or being violated in some way.
Pregnancy, although typically considered to be a nine-month journey, needs to be thought about long before conception happens. The first weeks of pregnancy are the most vital to baby’s development so if you are of child-bearing age you need to be in optimal health before conception occurs.
Although there is much research and statistics about domestic or family violence; what is rarely discussed is the emotional abuse that generally precedes the physical violence. Not all emotional abuse leads to physical aggression.
Maintaining a positive, supportive relationship with one’s partner in the face of expected and unusual life stresses is one of the biggest challenges many couples face.
What stops someone from going for counselling? Is it that we are afraid to be seen or known to have "needed" counselling? Is it that we believe that going for counselling means that we are crazy or weak?
Grief is a natural response to losing someone we love or something we treasure. Although grief is universal, there are common elements to every grief experience and each of us grieves each loss in a unique way.
Family violence is defined as violence between persons related through blood, marriage, co-habitation (common-law), foster care, or adoption. Family violence accounts for about 25% of all violent crime in Canada and the victims are overwhelmingly the female spouse.
As our weather begins a cooler trend and the carefree attitude of summer changes to more serious thinking, it's a great time to look into getting involved with programs that will help us deal more effectively with our personal and interpersonal challenges; parenting, communication skills, anger management, money management, etc.