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Today we hear much about the issue of bullying in schools, we have anti-bullying campaigns, and we are very aware of the incredibly negative impact that this has on those who are bullied. However, not much is openly or publicly addressed about the bullying that goes on in workplaces.
If you are not able or willing to have this conversation with your son, make an appointment with a social worker or counsellor so your son can be educated in a clear and explicit way.
An emotional hurt is often much more distressing than anything that could happen physically. The physical body heals much more quickly than the psychological self.
There is no doubt that raising children is one of the most, if not the most, challenging like task. Although there is no standardized training that must be taken before a child is born or at the different stages of his/her development, there is support to all parents in the Greater Fredericton Area who would want it. All you need to do is ask.
If you frequently find yourself nagging or scolding your partner or you have heard yourself say “I am raising three children” when only two of them are actual children, you have fallen into the parenting trap.
Psychology research concludes that optimistic people are happier and have more friends. Could it be that simple? Could thinking positively make everything better?

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