Family Enrichment Needs Champions

Family Enrichment and Counselling Service has undertaken a fundraising initiative called 200 Champions.

Download a copy of the flyer and letter below.

Why Does Family Enrichment Need Champions?

Individuals below the federal poverty line experience a higher prevalence rate of mental illness than those above the poverty line; the rates are 6.8% versus 3.5% respectively. Additionally, those who are uninsured have a higher prevalence rate than those who are insured, these rates are 4.7% versus 3.9% (Kamal, 2017). Those who need help the most will have the hardest time affording it. By offering a sliding scale we hope to break the vicious cycle that people experiencing socioeconomic difficulties are facing.

We want to treat disadvantaged people who have minor mental health issues so they do not spiral into a worse condition that becomes harder, and more costly to treat.

Breaking this cycle is important to us, and we want to continue offering our services to those who need them most.

The Numbers

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Years Of Service

For over 45 years we have been serving the Greater Fredericton Area with counselling and psycho-educational groups.

Today we are facing a huge challenge;


a decrease of funding and

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Increased Demand

a 37% increase in demand for community counselling.

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Of Our Clientele Cannot Afford Counselling

Since 75% of our clientele cannot afford counselling, we offer a sliding scale based upon the client’s income. Our sliding scale allows those individuals to receive mental health support at a reduced cost. To maintain this system we require more funds.

How Can You Become A Champion?

We are asking 200 friends to each contribute $1,000.00 to allow us to continue to facilitate our healthy community where every person feels valued, empowered, competent and connected.

We hope we can count on your financial support for our community