A Life Coach will help maximize your potential

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 Most of us are very familiar with the term “coaching” in relation to sports.  However, there are many other kinds of coaching all of which involve a supportive relationship between an individual and a trained professional that enhances the ability of the individual to learn or enhance skills, solve problems, make desired changes, and achieve goals. 

Today I would like to talk in particular about life coaching and how it is different from consulting, teaching, or therapy.

A consultant generally gives advice or provides solutions while a life coach asks questions and suggests alternatives that guide the individual to discover their own unique answers and choose their own path.  Teachers generally provide the curriculum while life coaches facilitate learning by providing structures for accountability, feedback, helpful resources, and useful models.

Therapy is typically focused on healing and resolution while life coaching typically focuses on learning and achievement.

Life coaching, as defined by the International Coaching Federation, involves “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” The term “life coach” dates from at least 1941.  It draws inspiration from disciples such as sociology, psychology, and positive adult development. 

Life coaching is for individuals of any age and background who have a desire to achieve a particular goal or a series of goals. 

Working with a life coach you identify personal or professional goals you want to achieve and experience a sense of partnership and support in achieving your personal goals.  The work is done in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment.  

Regular coaching sessions provide you with a dedicated time to focus on what you want to work on.  The life coach helps you design action steps that will take you to the achievement of your goals.  A life coach holds you accountable and provides feedback and encouragement, which increase your motivation to continue working through the process.

Personal development includes activities that improve your self-awareness or self-knowledge and a stronger sense of identity, develop talents and potential, build your strengths and human capital, and facilitate employability thereby increasing wealth, enhance lifestyle and quality of life, improve health and social skills, and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Achieving your goals, whether related to personal development or professional achievement, is enhanced by making the goal as specific and as tightly time-framed as possible. “I will lose 10 pounds by October 1 is going to be more effective than “this is the year that I’m going to lose some weight.” Assessing your level of commitment (is it something that you really want or a fleeting desire), knowing your level of motivation (how you are going to stay on track), having support and encouragement (who is going to cheer you on when you lose motivation), and establishing accountability (is much easier to be accountable) is going to help you be successful.

Life coaches help clients make changes in their lives by helping them observe and understand present  conditions, establish goals for the future, determine realistic action steps, stay motivated, feel supported, and be held accountable every step of the way. 

A life coach can be counted on to be understanding, a respectful listener, deeply interested in your concerns, gentle yet direct, intuitive and insightful.  A life coach will ask you the hard questions knowing that you have the answers within yourself but may not know the pathway to get to them.  Life coaches know that you have the wisdom to know what is in your best interest.  They are your cheerleader to living your best life!  Your life coach is your partner on the journey to help you stay clear and have a greater understanding of what’s most important to you.

Imagine an accomplished athlete, dancer, or any professional making their dreams a reality without a coach by their side.  Not likely to happen! 

Life Coaching is one of the many services available at Family Enrichment. 

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