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With a new year come the New Year’s resolutions and one of the most common is the goal of losing weight. Family Enrichment offers a program which is a radically different approach to weight management. Craving Change™ is a licensed, psycho-educational program, where you discover why you eat the way you do and learn to take steps to change eating habits. 

The program incorporates evidence-based cognitive-behavioural techniques.   Years of research clearly demonstrate that these techniques are an appropriate and successful model for people who struggle with their eating. With practice, participants learn to identify the emotions and thoughts that serve as triggers to eat and what to eat. 

In this program, participants will learn about the external and internal factors that have been clearly demonstrated by research to affect what, how much, and when people eat. Those who frequently eat in response to internal cues have been shown to lose less weight in typical weight-loss programs than those who are influenced more by external cues. 

Come and learn which type of eater you are.  This may be the missing piece that explains your struggles with eating and weight management.

Craving Change™ is not a weight-loss program but rather a ground-breaking program that gives you the background, tools, and confidence to overcome your eating struggles.

Everyone eats and, to some extent, most people in Canada today have eating “issues” such as;  emotional eating, preoccupation with weight and food, binging, or the unhealthy weight-loss behaviour of skipping meals.

Although women are particularly at risk for disordered eating behaviours, men also struggle with emotional and problematic eating. This program will give men and women the self-confidence to improve their relationship with food and eating. 

You will learn skills that promote long-term adherence to new behaviours and as such Craving Change™ is an important adjunct to any weight-loss program. You will learn to choose from the range of techniques shared in the program for recognizing triggers and changing your eating response.  

The program at Family Enrichment is a skills-based program that uses self-awareness tools, guided group discussions, brainstorming activities, brief written exercises, and thought-provoking homework tasks.  Craving Change™ is the number one cognitive-behavioural program for problematic eating in Canada.  The activities encourage participants to reflect on their personal relationship with food and determine a strategy for change that is specific to their needs.  This individualized focus is sensitive to the fact that participants may be at various “stages of change.” The key points of the program are summarized in a workbook, provided to every participant, with “how to” guidelines for change. The group format helps you to recognize that others share similar struggles and frustrations with their eating.  This knowledge lessens the guilt and shame associated with problematic eating and can make the prospect of changing eating habits more attainable.  Attending with a friend, spouse, or co-worker is extremely helpful.  Participants will not receive dietary advice or education on specific health conditions.  However, the program is for everyone who struggles with what they eat, how they eat, food cravings, and their weight. 

The program has been shown to enhance weight-loss and long-term weight maintenance when combined with a weight-loss strategy.  This program is not for someone diagnosed with an eating disorder (bulimia, anorexia nervosa) or with a significant psychiatric condition.  However, it is for the significant number of people who are concerned about their eating habits. 

Ensure the success of your goal to get control over your eating habits by joining a program that is going to help you with more than just food choices. 

The program is offered over six, one-hour sessions over the noon hour.  For more information and to register contact Family Enrichment at 458-8211 or email info@familyenrichment.ca

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