Personal & Professional Development   Programs

These programs are available to everyone as an adjunct to counselling or as a stand-alone service.

Learning in a group setting has the advantage of learning from not only the facilitator, a trained professional, but also from other participants.

Topics offered include but are not limited to: Parenting for caregivers at every stage of a child's development, Communication Skills, Emotional Empowerment, Stress Management, After Separation & Divorce, Healing from Grief, Empowering Youth, and many more.

Lunch & Learn programs take place over the noon hour.  These are introductions to the lengthier programs as well as stand-alone brief presentations on topics such as Breaking The Worry Habit, Time Management, Assertive Communication, and many more.

Registration & Guidelines

-If a start date is not advertised, a minimum of 8 participants need to register, for a program to run.

-If a start date is announced, participants must register by the week before the program is due to start (Changing Ways program, please register at least 2 weeks before it starts)

-25% of cost of program is required at registration. Payment plans available (100% paid by mid-course).  We accept Debit, Cash, VISA or MC.

-If a program is cancelled, deposits will be reimbursed.

-If a participant cancels after the 1st session, $10 admin fee will be retained.  If a participant withdraws after the 2nd session, 50% of the program fee will be reimbursed.

-80% attendance is required for a Certificate of Completion.

-The fees charged for these programs are subsidized by the United Way of Central NB.

For more information and/or to book an appointment, please call 458-8211, toll-free 1-888-829-6777, or email