Employee Assistance Program

EAP is a professional, confidential, counselling service the purpose of which is to assist employees who are experiencing personal challenges and life transitions which are affecting their life satisfaction and possibly their job performance. 

EAP is a resource for supervisors and managers in assisting employees when they are experiencing personal or work performance challenges.  When you choose to provide an EAP benefit you are investing in your employees.  Our counselling services are face-to-face, timely, focused on the individual's strengths, and relatively short-term.  Ninety-eight percent of clients report high or very high satisfaction with face-to-face counselling.

Counselling services are available for children, youth, and adults; marriage / couples counselling, and family therapy.

Besides counselling services, wellness and educational programs are available including Work/Life Balance, Personal/Job Stress Management, Building Healthy Relationships, Dealing with Separation & Divorce, Healing Grief & Loss, Communication Skills, Time Management, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, and many others.

When employees need to access their EAP program, they can contact us directly.  Appointments are usuallly available within 5 business days.

Family Enrichment provides services to most private insurance plans and to those with an EAP program through Ceridian Canada, Family Service Employee Assistance Program (FSEAP), Arete Human Resources, and others.

For more information and to inquire as to the cost to employers, please contact Kelly Wilson, Executive Director at 506-458-8211, 1-888-829-6777, or at info@familyenrichment.ca